Online payments of Court ordered fines and fees

Here are the Court-ordered payments and fees that Court Compass is setup to handle. After logging in simply select the state, court, and case or docket number to access your records and secure payment page.


Child Support

Traffic Tickets (parking and speeding)

Marriage License fees

Motor Vehicle Plate Renewal

Property tax

Business License Fees

Fish and Game Licenses

Parks and Recreation Fees and Permits

Civil and Criminal Court Fees and Liens

Trusteeship payments

Small Claims Court settlements

Building Inspection Fees and Permits

Occupational Tax

Recurring Court Judgement Fees

These days everyone's calendar is filled to the brim with tasks that demand nearly all of our time and most of our energy. A convenience, no matter how small, allows us to channel more time to activities that really mean something in the grand scheme of our lives. Court Compass is just such a convenience.

You could get into your car and drive to the bank, purchase a money order or cashiers check, put it into an envelope, drive to the post office, mail it to the court, wait anywhere from a few days, to a couple of weeks, for it to be deposited into the administrator's account. OR you could simply log on to Court Compass, enter your payment amount and click submit. The very next day (if you used your debit card) the court has the funds. The court has the funds within 6 business days if you use ACH. Making your court-ordered payment should be an easy task, accomplished in a couple of minutes not a couple of hours. Whether you are paying alimony, child support, traffic citations, etc. at Court Compass we have painstakingly worked to make your experience as quick and easy as possible. Step-by-step we guide you through the process of making your payment online.

You can easily see your up-to-date payment history.  You can sign up for email alerts, and payment reminders. You have options as to how you can pay online: using your debit card or bank check, all the while knowing that your transaction is safe, secure and in the case of your debit card transaction, instantaneous. Your bank check has a 6 business day hold to verify funds. Best of can make your payment from anywhere you have an internet connection.  here.


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