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We are committed to providing you excellent service, so you always choose us for your online court-ordered payment needs.


Court Compass was built on three core principles. One: to provide those with court-ordered fines or fees with a solid and reliable platform to conveniently pay online. Two: to approach everyone and everything with the care and respect we ourselves would expect from a quality service provider. And three: to vigorously protect the trust that has been 

To provide a reliable, affordable, online convenience for paying court-ordered fines and fees and to provide our courts with a stable, safe, user-friendly platform from which an alternative form of payment can be offered to their clients.

Online payments of Court ordered fines and fees

placed in our hands by you our valued customer. At Court Compass we’re committed to serving you with quality and value. Log in today and experience the difference working with partners that genuinely care about you and yours makes. 


Many claim to be persons of integrity without really understanding what it means to wear that honor. Integrity is adhering to the same moral and ethical principals in private as in public. Being honest with yourself as well as with others. Court Compass began with the thought that online payments should be convenient, easy and an option for all people regardless of  circumstances like alimony, child support, traffic citations, civil and criminal suit liens, etc. Both partners have been immersed in technology and technology services for decades and have taken their expertise and diverse talents to the civil, criminal and traffic court world. More than just entrepreneurs, we are husbands, fathers, sons and brothers to large families scattered all around the country. Exceeding our clients expectations in every way is what drives us daily to constantly improve our products and ourselves.